Tears and fears

My eyes teared up as soon as I started moving this morning. A firm breeze was blowing in my face and through my long sleeve shirt as I began my hill work. It was 43F and I was in a single layer shirt and shorts. Perhaps balmy conditions to many of you but a bit brisk for me.

After a half mile the core temp warmed up and only my hands were complaining. I spent time thinking about where my cotton gloves were hiding this morning and how much warmer they were.

My legs were good. I surmised that my post-run pool treatments had acclimated my legs to cold conditions. I was stiff but steady.

Three pairs of other runners were working the same hills I was today. Mind you; there are not many hill options in Central Florida and Thursday is hill day on most training plans.

I made it an easy run at a slower than tempo pace. I spent my other time concentrating on Sunday. It will be my first of two 22-mile longest training runs. After last week's sprint 16-miler I am debating how to approach this one. Should I go at race pace? or just log the miles slowly and save the race pacer for next time in two weeks?

I have decided to not run Gasparilla. It's forecast for 33, and feeling colder. Plus there is NO way that the race along Bayside is not going to offer up some hearty winds in one direction or another (it's an out and back 15K).

Sunday is not predicted to be much better but I can wait until it warms up a little before my long run.

I do not know why Jeanne thinks I sent her a Valentine?? ;)


jeanne said...


i say all long runs should be run at race pace! you don't get magically faster on race day.

however, do consider the source.

Runner Susan said...

It's 19 degrees here today and I'm not running for a long while, so I'll enjoy my gloves indoors. Thank you very much.

Kevin said...

Rough crowd! :-)


Jank said...

Wuss. Cold doesn't begin until freezing.

Joe said...

At 43, add a second, SS technical shirt underneath the LS shirt...makes a world of difference. As do the $1 cotton gloves from any hardware store.

Many, many thanks for the advice on shoes. Just bought a pair of Brooks Beast size 12s this afternoon. I ran for about 10 minutes in them on the store treadmill. Felt great and really changed the pronation pattern. I'll blog more on them...but thanks, David. It all starts, as you said, with how we hit the ground.

Maddy said...

The only hills I can think of goes along the side of the Winter Park 9th Grade Center. and the Brewer's Curve hill.

Are there more?

Stay warm. It's going to be a cold weekend!

Rae said...

If it were 43 here I'd run in a bikini. It's been days since it's even been over freezing.......Blah!!!

Just12Finish said...

ooh baby! two 22-milers coming up. almost made me think about signing up for a marathon. almost.

David said...

I expect nothing less than helpful abuse from my loyal readers.