Bad days

I will not even begin to whine about work. It will just get me going.

My running machine ... that's another matter. It's got a problem. The knee pain, of course, is only an indicator of something wrong somewhere else and I think I have located it. It's up in my high thigh/groin. It's sore. It's inflamed. I'm on ibuprofin. I booked a date with Sherlene for next Friday.

Actually she may have been the cause of my problems. That last massage loosened everything up. There I had my muscles tightly wound and doing what they are supposed to do; and she goes and rubs them all loosey goosey. I felt like a NASCAR racer on cold tires at the start of a race .... way too loose and not holding the track. Other parts worked out of control. I'm running into the wall.

So between now and next Friday I will run 22 miles on Sunday, limp into work on Monday if the wheelchair and walker are not available; drop 3x1600 on Tuesday and go for 5 miles of hills on Thursday. Not to mention having another glorious week of melodrama at work before spring break begins next Friday. I'm taking the day off.

So I did 5 miles of hills yesterday. The knee took a little while to unkink and did me no wrong for the duration of the run. It may have done me some harm but I did not notice at the time.
We shall see, as Susie says.


Just12Finish said...

Good luck David. Maybe a day off to cool your jets won't be so bad; they've been working so hard after all.

Joe said...

Ugh...not the type of concern with only a few weeks to go to Atlanta. Bears watching...and seeing what you can do with it.

Do make sure you have all the lug nuts tightened and the jack is out of the way before you spin the tires and try to beat the 24 down pit lane....

jeanne said...

you're gonna go run 22 miles tomorrow with a bum knee?? Sounds like a plan!
Maybe consider rescheduling it?

Just a crazy thought from a crazy kid. We can't have you doing any permanent damage, not this close!

good luck tomorrow!

susie said...

What are you doing to me? See, now I have to worry about you. Ok, this isn't all about me. Please watch the injury and stop if you FEEL anything too weird....yeah, we shall see.
Mom says hello and sends a hug.

Neese said...

Is there any sort of RBF meetup for this marathon? I have a race on the 24th but would consider a road trip down to see ya'll race on the 25th.

Runner Susan said...

Do be careful . . . we don't wanna see you run a 6 hour marathon.