From the fire back to the frying pan...

... with the heat off.

I am sure you would have done the same. After a grueling long hard run on Sunday with healthy doses of pressure cleaning, a high stakes Monday workday that started at 430 am - without lunch, and a wrinkled brow over the tenderness on the outside of your right sole, you would probably listen to your body and postpone scheduled speedwork 19 days before your marathon.

After all you have the fitness and you don't need injuries or sickness.

So I slept in Tuesday morning and gave up on doing the 7x800s. I had another pressure cooker workday yesterday and one on the docket for today. I did not figure I could fit in the running, but I did. I woke up at 430 again.

Out on the track the sky was just starting to lighten with streaks of purple and burnt red. The blues were brightening and so was my performance.

Seven weeks ago I did 7x800 with 7:44/mile pacing. Since then I have found the general fatigue from loooong runs sapping my speed. You may remember me bragging on new speedy PRs for awhile. The last top three time was a 1:40.4 400m on February 1.

Today, in 55F, I worked on form. I kept repeating to myself, "quick turnover" as I lifted my legs as effortlessly and quickly as possible off the track. Occasionally I let the stride out and revved up the arm action to promote the leg turnovers. I concentrated on keeping upright, leaning forward ever so slightly (running the Kenyan downhill) and keeping the breathing deep, not in a pant. I had to correct my tendency to let the left arm swing across my chest; keeping it in a to and fro rythmn.

The result: 7:26/M avg.and two new PR top three times at 800M: 3:37.9 and 3:38.1. Woo hoo.

That was a confidence builder. I am not run down. I am not injured. I recover well. I am still fast. Now I just hope those three 100 foot ascents in Atlanta are not as bad as they really are.

Now I need to work on RBF meet-ups.


peter said...

You are so ready for Atlanta! You looked confident last year before MCM, but now you are smoking! 3:35 twenty-two miler, pretty nice. And with speed to spare afterwards. You've worked hard and it will show! I predict a 40 minute PR.

jeanne said...

that's fantastic david! you are truly a better man than I am, gunga din.

(and I didn't realize you had a brow on your right foot? nevermind. :)

I'm such a smartass.)



Just12Finish said...

Man - that's blazing!

susie said...

Good for you, David. Those hills won't be any worse than the climb up Wagner. At least keep telling yourself that:)

Michelle said...

good for you david. and those hills got nothing on you!

Runner Susan said...

I love running while the sun comes up.

You are ready for this marathon David, just don't overdo it here at the end of training.

Rae said...

Hey! We're driving down Fri night, then leaving after the race Sunday. We have a super nice hotel downtown, prob two blocks from the start.

Do you know lots of RBFers coming?

Mia Goddess said...

Well, you've been busy! Your training has been unbelievable. I can't wait!

Darrell said...

You've definitely done the work. Those GA hills will be just be little inclines to you. Is the taper on?

Amy said...

I heart RBF meetups!!!!

Do you know if there will be one in Atlanta????