Cut back

I skipped running Sunday because I ran 4 miles Saturday really easy.

Sunday I walked my butt off helping a good friend in her campaign to get elected to a city commission seat. Sunday was the St. Patrick's Day Parade downtown (a week early because the annual arts festival fills up Central Park next weekend). We were filling up 1,000 balloons to hand out to little kids, putting campaign stickers on people who were supportive, holding up signs in favor of the hot issue commuter rail stop and standing behind the congressman during his TV appearances with our signs and T-shirts. There was a lot of walking and standing which tuckered me out.

Reset. I took Monday off to help T get his car repaired. A cool air intake filter coupling broke and we had to go to a local racing store to order a replacement part. In the meantime we have a terrycloth towel strapped over the intake.

I also slept in. Before the kids got up I made myself go for a run. If I had stayed on the training schedule i would have gone 16 miles this morning. I forgot to eat breakfast before heading out and the temps were in the low 70s which was hot! So I set out to go 10. At 8 I stopped to walk and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. Suited me just fine. I jogged it in the last mile.


Runner Susan said...

T has a race car? I bet that makes you the coolest dad around.

Pick your plan back up soon so you don't get too far off before the marathon - it's not long now.

Maddy said...

This is the weather that you wished lasted year 'round. I was almost wishing for a run outside! Enjoy it while you can!

Parts at the race shop? You are a cool dad! For Sure!

Bill said...

Someday I hope to be able to approach your level of suavitude.

David said...

Suavitude .....

That's pretty funny.

Rae said...

Isn't spring grand??? I'm glad I've gotten in at least a few warm runs because there is no telling what the weather will be!