Buy before they're all gone

I ran three miles this morning very easy. I did it on my "hill course" just for good measure.

Enough of that.

What I really want to do is bash Asics. Track Shack is having their spring "dot sale" where tons of shoes are 40%-60% off and everything else in the store is 20% off. I went looking for some Kayanos. Dang, they didn't have any dot shoes in my size.

So I asked to try on the new and improved Kayano. Dang if they didn't go and narrow up the toe box. I went up a size and my heel kept slipping out. I could almost feel the blisters forming on the spot.

What were they thinking???

Now I have to find a new shoe or some new old Kayanos. Not what I wanted to do.

Race Day
Track me if you want. First you have to register. My bib is 4794.


21stCenturyMom said...

Try Saucony. I have forsaken my beloved Ascis Kayano XI for Saucony Hurricanes and I may never look back. They aren't any cheaper but they are more comfortable.

Runner Susan said...

I have tried many a time to move away from my Brooks Adrenaline for "prettier" shoes, but sadly, I always come back to the Brooks.

You aren't planning on wearing these during race day are you?

Maddy said...

You could look on ebay.

Good Luck on Sunday. I am set up to get text messages with your progress.

David said...

I used to be a Hurricane fan but the Asics swept me away when I tried them on. Maybe I go back to my old friend.

I will be wearing my broken in Kayanos in the race.

Bex said...

I empathize. I have to wear New Balance for an upcoming race, and the ones I just got don't fit correctly. Back to the drawing board. I'm going to follow your progress at the Atlanta marathon via my cell. Best of luck! You'll do great.

Joe said...

I'm cyber-tracking you, David!!

Interestingly, to sign up, I had to know your last name, not the bib number.

New shoe models are a bummer, aren't they???

Go get 'em!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Good luck with your race.

jeanne said...

I'll be tracking via e-mail, so don't go doing anything crazy!

Bill said...

Rock the race.

Losing a pair of shoes is really, really tough. Hope you find something good.