Full up

The expo was busy today. Shock. I was worried as I approached the building. There was a line a quarter mile long outside for people waiting to pick up their packets. We stood there a moment and then a volunteer made it known this was the half marathon line. Marathoners go on inside. Which I did and found there to be NO LINE at all so I picked up my stuff really quickly.

That left more time to shop. But I bought nothing. I like the ING orange and blue but they are not my color and, in Florida, I would be mistaken for a Gator fan.

I did stand on this sensor machine to find that I put more weight on my left foot than the right; and that there is too much pressure falling on a spot where it tends to get hurt - between my toes on the left side, in the meaty parts. I did not want to hear any more about that and walked away.

I spoke to Rachel from Nashville on the cell phone over the din of the expo. She and Brent were out in a mall taking in Atlanta. We agreed to not overwork ourselves by trying to meet up today. Maybe tomorrow somehow.

Dinner was at the house and it was good. I am stuffed. I am also more rested too. We have a plan for the cheer team to see me at miles 14 and 16.

Thanks for the good wishes. I picked up a 4:40 pace band. We'll see if that slows me down to start; which is what I need to do.


Joe said...

Yeah, the slow down at first might be good, given how the adreniline is probably going to be pumping.

Hope you sleep well!!!

Neese said...

best wishes! sleep well and enjoy the experience! don't forget sunscreen!

Just12Finish said...

This reminds me of my meeting you at the MCM Expo, except the part about waltzing right on in!

I'm happy for you having made it to another marathon. All that hard work. It's about to pay off.

Darrell said...

I hope you were able to rest well. About those hills, just chug up at whatever feels right and then let it fly on the downhill.

Mia Goddess said...

Hi David! I'm sure this is too late for you to see before the start line, but there's no way I could NOT come wish you good luck and let you know that I will be obsessively monitoring your progress on the website. I can't wait to hear all about it!!!

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Good luck, David! (are ya runnin' right now or what?)

Just think, by the time you read this? It will all be over! You sailing across those mats with a big smile.

Just12Finish said...

Congratulations Bob! Just "saw" you cross the finish line.

21stCenturyMom said...

Sub 5!

I'm thinking you ran in to issues in the last 10K but you still pulled a sub 5! Congratulations.

jeanne said...

Nice work David! Can't wait to hear all about it! You are only getter better, not older!!

Michelle said...

Yay David!! Nicely done sub 5! Must have been all the georgia peaches!