It was a long seven hour drive up from the flatlands. It is very spring-like up here which is fine if you're a resident. I wanted cooler for the race but we run with what we are given.

The hills are daunting and I haven't even seen the course. The elevation table in the paper is much more specific that that on the race Web site. I am not even going to drive the course. I do not need to see any more than I have seen already.

I went out to Emory Univ. this morning to see the Tibetan monks at the museum who were doing their sand art called mandala. Fascinating.

Time to go to the expo and pick up registration; take a look around.


Joe said...

Do try not to sneeze when looking at the sand art :-)

Smart move to not drive a hilly course.

Big day...sleep well!!!

afuntanilla said...

hope u had fun at expo. i did! great stuff! good luck! i hate that it won't be cooler as well. but, like u said, we run with what we are given!! best!

Maddy said...

I drove one of the bridges in Clearwater, and I regretted it.

You'll be fine once you get started!

I'm looking forward to tracking you and more importantly the race report.

Good Luck!

21stCenturyMom said...

Ah the expo - a shoppers paradise.


I really do think this is your race.

Michelle said...

luck david! i will be thinking of you and tracking you as i enjoy my morning iced coffee and pancakes :)

jeanne said...

Remember, repeat: Hills are your friends. HILLS ARE YOUR FRIENDS! Say it like you mean it soldier!

Go get 'em, tiger. We're all pulling for you. This one is YOURS.

Just12Finish said...

Go luck chief. Will be thinking about you while I have one of them ice cream bars with dark chocolate rolled in nuts ...

21stCenturyMom said...

These pictures weren't here before, right?

Those mendalas are so beautiful and it is beautiful that the monks do this as a gesture of peace and tranquility.