More of the Same. Just Faster.

This morning I ran four miles at tempo pace. It was the same as last Thursday except I did it at four seconds a mile faster. That's progress.
When I left work today I still had a little buzz going in my legs and I sensed my form is returning with some good muscle tone down there to be happy about.
My weight has been funny. All year - since January - it was below 150. Since June 1 I have been averaging about three pounds heavier. That may not seem like much but I have to tell you I wasn't seeing any numbers above 150 for five months or more and now I don't see any below 150. It's strange.
Vacation (sort of) starts a week from Friday. I go to a professional conference in Chicago for five days then to the beloved Rhode Island shore for 12 days. I am working my contacts up that way for a huge RBF Summer Run Festival. More on that as it develops.
I am not certain if I'll run the New Haven 20K this year over Labor Day. If I told you how much money I've had to spend on non-recurring expenses you'd understand. Then again, once I get in the literal clutches of some of those CT Running Chicks, I could be pursuaded.


susie said...

Ahhhhhhh. RI. I miss it.

Running Rabbit said...

Is this buzz thing a good feeling in the legs??

jeanne said...

ri sounds glorious!

jeff said...

yeah, how can you resist aa's pleading?

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

150? Ha! I remember weighing 150. In 10th grade. Damn.

And who could resist those evil running chicks?

Rae said...

Have an awesome vacation!!!

Fly to TN! It's a lot cheaper than Connecticut!