Day of Despair. Not Really.

I took Thursday morning off from work.
Why? To sleep in an extra hour, run my 4-mile tempo run, stretch at my leisure, walk the dogs and get over to the pub to watch the USA-Ghana and Italy-Czech Republic soccer matches.
Mind you, I had no beers. After the way the USA played/got hosed by the ref, I should have had a beer.
The tempo run was decent. It went by at an 8:37 pace. It was not easy, given the mid 70s temps, but I kept up a good head of steam throughout.
After the soccer matches I went to work for three hours where I behaved quite badly. I was despondent over the USA loss and became snappy to my charges. Plus I wanted to get an enewsletter out before I left to go so Sherlene.
Sweet Sherlene. I arrived five minutes late but tried not to go in all stressed about it. I lay on the table and listened to the background music and then lay there as she worked me over. I asked her to guage my muscle tone to the last time I'd seen her (March?) and she found my muscles to be quite grainy, the sockets popping, hamstrings and ITB tight, etc., etc. She said it was good to come in before I got worse. So I was happy for that. I even booked my next appointment instead of waiting for the painful urge/need to call her: when I get back from vacation in late July.
The day finished with a haircut. I left it long for my vacation. I equate vacation and wind whipping my hair around in the boats and at the beach. Special.


Lisa said...

Sounds like a pretty productive day. :)

I have to schedule a massage as well. I've been putting it off too long.

Running Rabbit said...

Ahhh...a vacation...just what I need! Are you leaving soon? and do tell us where!

Jank said...

Special, indeed.

Enjoy the vacation.

Running Chick said...

and the vacation will be somewhere near me? is there an RBF-meetup in the forecast?

jeanne said...

nice work! i was crabby today, so i shut the door to my office and ignored everyone. it worked pretty well. they got the message.

have a great vacation! i'm glad Sherlene worked you over real good.

21st Century Mom said...

Ahhh... vacation... sailing.... beach...... I'm jealous for me but happy for you.