One Week Down

I did a week of fast training: 400 repeats Wednesday, a swifty 3-mile tempo run Friday and a long run today that was unusual in that my normal running group did not show up this morning and a nice guy named Dan dropped in with me as I headed up Park Avenue. Dan is tall, thin, younger and fast. He trains every day and makes me look like I am standing still. So he kindly slowed down to run with me but I, instinctively ran faster than normal for a long run. Mind you, that was my plan - to run a little faster than normal as prescribed - but Dan had me panting by the half mile mark.
By the time we reached the 4-mile mark I was looking for a port-a-potty for a nature call. Thankfully there was one right there in front of me and I bid Dan adieu and took a breather. Once I got going again I was going more slowly. At mile-5.5 (45 minutes) I was dying and decided to try some Gu and see if I could carry on. As usual, it worked nicely and I made it through to finish 8.7 miles in 1:23:25, a 9:35 pace. I forgot to stop my watch at the potty stop so I might have done a little better under normal circumstances.
When I finished it started raining. I might have liked that on the road but not when I was trying to warm down and stretch. I found an awning and got loosened up again.
At home I fell asleep for a half hour then watched more World Cup. Oh, and it was Fathers Day.


21st Century Mom said...

I'm glad that plan is working better for you than it is for me. I can only hope my experience gets closer to yours - soon!

Happy Father's Day - I hope the boys are treating you like a king.

Susan said...

You are doing so well - 8.7 miles is great for someone who was near death a month or so ago . . . How are those salivary glands doing?

Oh, and Happy Father's Day. I got you a puppy.

Running Rabbit said...

9:35 miles, huh? I might be able to keep up with you speed racer!

Jank said...

Hope the couch treated you well!

susie said...

Nice work David. And you should get a little break from school stress, right? Hey, vacation time is almost here.

jeanne said...

Nice!!! I was scheduled to do six this morning, and called it a day at three. sigh.
More. Sleep. Needed.