Feel the Rush

Five hours later and my legs are still buzzing from the speed work this morning. I was not setting any land records but the gradual increase in aggregate distance from one week to the next is making me feel the rush. I am adding all of 400m per week but it shows. Today I did 5x800 repeats with 100m recovery for 2 minutes between segments. The times ranged from 4:00 to 3:50 averaging a 7:50/mile pace. I will be racing next Tuesday and hope to be faster than that over the 5K distance.


21st Century Mom said...

I hope that's how I feel after I do my speed workout tonight. I didn't go this morning because I was tired and it's a little creepy being out on the track with no other people around. Tonight I do 8 Yassos at a 4:50 pace (800m in 4:50 followed by running comfortably for 4:50). I hope I can hack the load!

Running Rabbit said...

You're like super speedy!! I think you have super running powers!

Susan said...

That's a good buzz.