Slept on it

If I had posted yesterday to write about my latest run it would have read simply:

Ran this morning. 4 miles. It was okay. I did not clock it.


It was that kind of day. It has been that kind of week. I really did not want to write about it. I needed some relief, some pity, someone to talk to, some time to run and more time to sleep. I am making headway and the weekend is not far off.

The little trouble at work on Monday managed to make it onto CNN and the Chicago Tribune. Best news? Nobody died ... that we know about.

Today is officially the start of hurricane season. I thought you should know. It is headline material in Florida.

Oh. A realtor driving his Porsche convertible with his business partner was shot in the stomach by a masked man about a mile from here last night. That's bright news. He survived. There was no clear motive; just carjacking speculation.

Let's see. What else is going on? Ah, that's enough. Tomorrow I run for 45 minutes.


Mia Goddess said...

CNN, hurricanes, carjackings? It's like you're channeling me when I'm all Schleprock. Which is more often than I'd care to admit!

I'm trying to run for 35 minutes tonight. Since my body refuses to go any faster just yet, I thought I'd try to go longer. I wish us both lots of luck.

Jack said...

I don't know if I would feel safe running in your neck of the woods ;-)

21st Century Mom said...

Yikes! I hope today is a better day and that your weekend is nothing short of fabulous. Be careful out there!

Oldman said...

gators masked gunman hurricanes how i miss florida!

Susan said...

David, if I were there I'd ready you my favorite martini poem - it would make you feel better. Hope things get brighter soon. Do me a favor and steer clear of those hurricanes.

Susan said...

Ok - so i'm in a hurry - I'd read you my martini poem. Geezs!

jeanne said...

(what the heck is a martini poem? t.s. elliot? yeats?? I can't wait!) meanwhile, i'm glad i'm ensconced up here in safe ol' wash., d.c., where nothing dangerous ever happens (yeah, right).

It's time for some GOOD stuff to happen to you, David. And it will, any minute now!

Have a great run tomorrow.

Anne said...

After being a lurker for a year now, I'm coming out of hiding to thank you for the well wishes you gave me. You're so right -- even if this weekend's marathon is a bust, meeting all the RBFers will be the best!

I'm looking forward to following your training for one of my favorite races, the MCM.

The Running Red Sox Fan said...

Well aren't you full of good news these days!!!

Rae said...

Wow! That's a scary shooting. I hope this is a light hurricane season after the past few.