Veil lifts

Mrs. Trade left town Thursday morning leaving the three boys at home to fend for themselves until Monday. In that time, we've had some good bonding moments, eating out a few times, watching World Cup matches, etc.
Yesterday, we went over to the college and worked out in the weight room. I've been meaning to go over and check the place out. It could be the perfect cross training resource for me besides the bike I rarely ride.
I did some back and arm machine reps and it made me feel like I'd found a solution to my funk. I could feel the tightness in my chest open up; my biceps and rotator cuff stabilization muscles responding. This could be the perfect complement to my new 3-day running training plan. That is exciting. [I took the suggestion from 21st Century Mom to try the FIRST program which offers harder less frequent workouts. Comments welcome.]
Oh, we played basketball after the weight room workout with the younger brother beating his older brother and dad in a game of H-O-R-S-E. The Trade family is not known for being able to sink a basket and it showed.
Last night T and I went to the home of some friends. The dad sets me up with NBA tickets and the son is one of T's high school buds who just finished at Georgia. We had a great grilled steak dinner then went out to the local Irish pub for some refreshments.
Wouldn't you know it: I walked in and this woman sitting at the bar asked me if I worked at the district office. I did not recognize her but she told me she now works for me.
Oh my; "Well, Hello. Nice to meet you."
I just had a department assigned to me last week and I had not been down to see them yet.

This morning I vowed to get up and do my long run with the Sunday bunch. I felt sore from the weight machines yesterday but it was a good sore. I set my mind to run a little harder than usual since the training plan says to. I pushed it and my legs responded. I could breathe fine. My stamina never waned, despite the 77 degree temps. I even did a few pick-up tempo stretches about five miles in and it felt superb.
I had planned to go six miles but the dad who cooked the steaks last night came up beside me out of nowhere just before I would have turned in so I (a) extended the run another mile and (b) picked up the pace even more to stay with him. Boy, was that a satisfying finish. I couldn't believe how good I felt.
I stretched thoroughly, went home for a nice breakfast, then got back in bed. I was asleep within three minutes and took an hour nap.
The veil lifted this weekend. Do not tell Mrs. Trade. She might think it's her.


Joe said...

Yeah, it does feel good. So glad you are getting back to it, David.

Isn't the World Cup fun?? I'm trying to figure out a way to play hooky tomorrow noon to watch the US play...we'll see!

Susan said...

Sounds like Mom is a smart lady - I think her plan is a winner. Sounds like you are back in the saddle.

I suggest you invite all your employees to the bar, buy them a beer and meet them all at once.

Lisa said...

Sounds like a GREAT run!

21st Century Mom said...

That sounds excellent and I'm glad you picked that plan. I think it will work well for you. Weight training is also great. Dust off that bike! You might be surprised at what a nice break it is to cover long distance in a fraction of the time.

susie said...

A great weekend all around, huh? Good for you, David. Thanks for your birthday wishes--address coming. Now watch the approaching storm. You don't need to be moving trees and debris around your yard again. Save the hard work for the runs. Take care.

kj said...

the USA wasn't that good in the WK-cup against the Czech Republic huh ? 0 - 3.... Hmmm, USA is good is many, many sports, but soccer... :-) Anyway, perhaps the team will do allright against Italy and Ghana... Good luck ! Cheers from Belgium.

Rae said...

Great job!! Sounds like a fun weekend with the boys.