Thanks for the fillings Ray

I sat in the same church this afternoon that hosted a memorial service for my former boss a month ago. This time it was because my dentist of 36 years died in his sleep quite suddenly earlier this week. The church was packed to the rafters with friends and patients. I felt like I should be wearing a button with the number of years he kept my teeth in great condition. It was another occasion to reflect on the quickness of life. I sat there with my wife and a neighbor who also have had Ray as their dentist.
I sat in silence most of the time reflecting and observing. When the occasion came to sing a hymn I was surprised how good it felt. Otherwise I was still and solitary. Ray was the most positive and happy person I ever knew. He was a specialist at asking personal questions while sitting in a dentist chair. The questions were always easy to answer with one grunt or two. He kept up with everybody. At the service I also learned he went on many missions to Caribbean islands to provide free dental care to those who rarely get it.
I thought about the life I have led and the people I have loved and those who have loved me. I had one welling moment or two while I pondered these things. What it all did for me was remind me to not be idle and live life fully. You never know when it - life, as we know it - will end.

I think of memorial services as curious events. Whether I feel compelled to attend is a measure of how much I respect the former acquaintance. I would be there for a friend automatically. Others, maybe not. The special people with gifts and grace earn my respect and sympathy for their family and friends. I will attend those memorials even if I do not know the family and friends. After all, a memorial service is for the living, right? They need to know how much their loved one mattered to others.

Supplements. It struck me as I commented on Jeanne's blog about using Vitamin E to help her blisters (who knows if it will help?) that I should write about suppelements. It struck me that somebody might benefit to know how I have battled against high cholesterol without taking those prescription drugs that made me feel like crap when I took them.
I was already a steady runner but had a cholesterol count of 240 two years ago. Now it's 167. I had a prescription for "L" and took it as prescribed but I felt lousy and achy so I quit. I felt better fairly soon. I also figured I ought to try some home remedies. So here's what I take to win the war on high cholesterol:
  1. Policosanol with coenzyme Q10 (interesting to note that One-A-Day now has it as an additive in one of its products)
  2. Garlic tabs
  3. Fish Oil gels
I also take calcium and a multi-vitamin. How about you?


21st Century Mom said...

Sorry you lost your dentist and friend. It's never easy.

As for supplements - I use flax seed in my protein shakes and I take CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which is supposed to help with losing fat and gaining muscle. I have no idea if that is true but I figured it was worth a shot!

susie said...

I'm sorry David. Those services are times for reflection, aren't they?
I'm also glad those supplements are continuing to work for you.

Running Rabbit said...

Sorry to hear of your loss. What a noble dentist to offer free dental care like that.

WOW!! Avid runner with high cholesterol...is that common?

My vitamins include, the multi-one, folic acid (and NO I am not trying to get pregnant. It helps with good skin, healthy hair, and the heart.), vitamin C (only in the winter) and Osteo-Bi-Flex, which has done WONDERS for my knees!

The Running Red Sox Fan said...

Great post. I too recently suffered the loss of my uncle that really made me reflect on "things". We should do it more often and not just in times of sorrow. I am sorry for the loss of your friend.
One of the reasons I run is because I took care of my dying grandmother,she lived with me until she passed. Near the end she was unable to walk and I that hit me like a ton of bricks. This was a woman who used to walk everywhere. I want to, if possible, prevent that from happening to me. If I can keep my legs strong for as long as possible maybe it will keep me healthy just a little bit longer.....who knows.
As for vitamins...I just take a woman's one a day!

Anne said...

Sounds like your teeth were in wonderful hands for quite a few years and that the man got a nice send off. As for vitamins, I take an ultra-mega vitamin for women that gives me the same energy boost as caffeine before a long run. If my cholesterol keeps moving up, I may have to adopt your regime.

Just12Finish said...

Sorry to hear about the passing. Life's too short sometimes.

I'm starting on Lipitor. Running the past 4 years has helped bring my total cholesterol from 240+ to the 210's range (not so impressive), although the ratio of good to bad has gone way up (thankfully).

Still, I'm nagged by the bad cholesterol number, so I'm going to try the pills.

Susan said...

A dentist who reminds you to live life fully is a good friend indeed.

1. Calcium
2. Multi from the health food store
3. Iron
4. Midol

My cholesterol is 191 - but my HDL is 92. So I think I'm good.