Trailer Mash

This morning I acted on an invitation from a Boston Marathon veteran to join him and anyone on his distribution e-list at a local park in the next county for a trail run. I asked cadet son T if he would go with me and he was all over it.
At 815 we were on our way to the park where there is a natural underground spring that pumps 84F water 24/7 into a delightful swimming hole, popular with the nearby residents. We found my friend and it turned out that only he, one other fast guy (7:20 miler) and a girls cross country team came besides us. We considered the pace and distance plans of everybody and split up to head into the woods.
T and I went on the orange-blazed trail with the XC team. They started after us so we were the first into the woods. No more than five minutes in and we came across a deer along the trail. There were lots of roots, footing changes and climate adjustments, depending on the tree cover as we wound our way through the underbrush.
It was late. In the nine o'clock hour the temps were already in the 80s. We covered 5.3 miles and I was plenty winded by the time we were done. T left me when the XC team caught us (I told him to go) and so I was running by myself in the woods for awhile. I preferred that solitude. I could go as fast or slow as I wanted and even walk to look at scenery.
Back at the springs we took off our shoes and relaxed in the pool. It felt so refreshing!
We had protein bars and water, changed and headed out to buy some new performance tires for my car. What a great father/son thing to do, huh? While we waited we had lunch at a real Mexican restaurant across the street (Real=run by, patronized by Mexicans with Univision playing on the TV). I had a shrimp burrito and it was delicious.
Then we went shopping for new running shoes for him. We made no purchase because he couldn't find what he needs (all terrain shoes) that'll serve him during Cadet Basic Training this summer at West Point.
That was a full morning!

P.S. I did run for 45 minutes Friday morning on the streets with so many names. T says I have better form than he remembers so that's a good sign. I guess it's the lung capacity I need to build up again.


susie said...

Congratulations on a good run. You seem to be back, right?

21st Century Mom said...

There is nothing better than going for a long run, shopping and getting tires. SuperDuper!

jeanne said...

poor t, having to run with the girls cross country team :)

and yeah, that sounds like my day with 21st c mom! long run, then go buy tires!!

trail sounds lovely, as does the warm spring. mad jealous.

Susan said...

You are headed in the right direction. You will be back in race shape before you know it.

Ya know, tire shopping is probably the least favorite of all my shopping. At least you got a burrito - Burritos are good for bonding with the niƱos.

Just12Finish said...

"Them's good lookin' tars"
"Yeah Dad"
"Should I git 'em?"
"Alright then"

Priceless ... we should all be so lucky!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Trail runs always make things interesting. Sounds like a good father /son run.