How's this MB?

Friday night I went out for some heavy duty calzones with my campaign strategist pal, her husband and our teenagers. It was great. I was banking on those carbs to tide me over on my 9+ mile which I faced yesterday morning.
Running. I have to tell you about the running because this is, after all, a running blog. I went a different route than usual, hoping to run into my two principal friends who ran long with me a few times in April before I was sick. I ran the reverse course they led me on but did not see them. Apparently thry had other plans for that morning.
And so I ran alone for six miles before running into gangs of marathonfesters on their second long run weekend. There are several hundred that run Saturday mornings at 6 a.m. from Cady Way, at different paces; and they run all over the city. It's impossible to not run into some.
I had some Gu with me (orange) and did not tire like last week. I made three water stops on my run and was thinking I had run too short a route when I stopped my watch at 1:22:50.
I came in and used the sueandpaul pedometer to measure my run. I had to do it twice because the pace seemed so fast. It was 9.2 miles and it worked out to a 9:00/mile pace - flat. I was shocked. It didn't feel that fast. But it was what it is and it's in the book.
Other. SOMEbody was complaining that my entries have been boring lately. Well, she didn't say that exactly but I have to agree with her. My days have become so routine and tiresome that it is not surprising. A day in the life:
  • Wake up at 530
  • Check fantasy baseball stats and email
  • Run or eat breakfast and read paper
  • Dress and drive to work
  • Work like a dog for 10 hours
  • Drive home and grab cashews and adult beverage
  • Read and write emails and blogs while eating late dinner
  • Go to bed

Pretty exciting, huh? A 5-day conference in Chicago starts Friday. That should be different. From there I hit the beaches of South County in Rhode Island for 12 days. I should be seeing all my summer pals including that rebel retread, Susie, the CT Running Chicks, Jank and who knows who else. Anything to get out of Dodge, (FL) works for me.


21st Century Mom said...

Oh how I wish I were going to CT to visit my sister so I could party... I mean run with the RBF. Alas, I just started a new job :-(

Boring is okay sometimes. It beats the hell out of sick, non?

Congrats on a full, unqualified return to good health and good running.

susie said...

What a great run. I'm still having yucko runs that make me want to quit. But that's for MY blog:)
Glad you are back to speed. I wouldn't want anything less on the MCM.

SRR said...

Hmmm...boring entries? How can YOU add a little spice to your life and thus your postings? I have a few ideas up my sleeve! **lol**

Mia Goddess said...

Cranky cranky. ;)

It can't be ALL bad with 9.2 miles in an hour twenty two. That's pre-sickness time, for real.

I hope you can blog from afar!

April Anne said...

9:00 mpm pace--that is awesome! I hope to see you soon.

Lara said...

I, for one, am enthralled by your wacky exploits! Cashews BEFORE dinner?!?? You are on the edge my friend!