Too Slow

Yesterday I set my heart rate monitor to beep at 80% of my maximum rate, as prescribed in RW. You know. Going for optimum aerobic exercise. Talk about a waste of time! Every time I got up to a pace I like to go at I hear the beeping and have to slow down. It took forever. Mind you, I was full of energy at the end and could have kept going but it was time to take out the garbage, scarf down the oatmeal and take the boy to school. So it was wasted time. Remind to run run like Zap the Locomotive. All out all the time. That's the ticket.
Punch me, Conductor. I'm leaving the station.


susie said...
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susie said...

Ha, David. In re-reading my comment, I sound like I'm questioning your training choices. Not at all! I just don't know much about heart rates & running or the old 10% rule. Just looking for more help from my coach.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

I wonder if your max heart rate is not calculated correctly. There's a couple different ways to do it and if you have a low resting pulse, then the max may be higher than you think. The 220-age formula may not apply for you.

Maybe a Google search on the calculations will get you something closer to your actual fitness level. Just a thought.

David said...

Gosh I hate it when authors remove posts.