Alleluia. We're Cured!

Okay. Here's the story. My back hurt all day. I milked the hurt for all it was worth as Mrs. Trade was painting a bedroom and, gosh, I just didn't think I could contribute much without falling over, writhing in pain. Well, I did change out some electrical outlets, take down the blinds and help load the paint roller (some contraption that sucks up a tube full of paint and then feeds in into the roller somehow). I fixed the refreshments and went to the Publix for groceries and beer. (Needed that beer to watch the Daytona 500).
At 330, near about race time next weekend I said to myself what I'd been thinking all day: the only way to cure a bad back from running is .... to go running again! Alas, I did go for a 4 mile jaunt. The first mile was a wincing stiff exhibition of tolerance and worry. The second mile was a warmed up improvement and the third mile was some 10K pace chugging. For the last mile I dialed it back to avoid the stress of finishing with a grimace.
Amazing how limber I became from that run. I could stretch again without pain. If anything the back pain migrated slightly up to my middle back which is nothing my massager can't handle. I'm cured!
Now if only Jon in Michigan could apply the same remedy to his back we'd all be better off.
Weight. I've been meaning to comment that I've been losing weight without any notable explanation. I'm down 10 from a year ago and 4-5 below what I was in August when I started the new job - and stopped taking lipitor for cholesterol. Connection?


Jon (was) in Michigan said...

I should be so lucky. The run today seemed to aggrevate my back muscles.

Glad you were able to work the kinks out. Sometimes a good stretch will fix it.

Brendan said...

Running on it limbered my lower back up quite a bit, too. Well, that and ibuprofen. and I had rested for a few days beforehand. but it was the running, really!

susie said...

Sorry you've been aching lately. No fun. Of course, painting is no fun either:)