Fast Back Pain

Speedy Day. I woke up Friday morning feeling less creaky than usual and just slightly stiff. I was thinking today would be good for some 4-3-2-1 speedwork. I stretched a bit and jogged on over to the track. I did a 1600m, 1200m, 800m and 400m series with a lap or less jog between segments. My times were as good as they typically are: 7:50, 6:04, 3:56 and 1:48 so I was believing all systems were in good working order 8 days out from the next race.
WARNING. WARNING. Back Pain Ahead. Next thing I know, I get out of the car at work and my back feels like I'm strapped to a metal plate. I can't localize the source of the pain but I can't bend over. It hurts when I cough. It's verrrrry annoying. I took ibuprofin and put heat on it this morning. When I've warmed up by normal movement it doesn't hurt so much but I'm beginning to think that after the 12K next Saturday it'll be time to shut it down for a 2-week rest period. My body's talking to me. I can hear it.
Gentlemen. Start your engines. The Daytona 500 is about to begin. It's a celebrity showcase.


Rachel said...

Ouch! That happened to me after Gasparilla. I had a weird back pain inside somewhere, I couldn't even tell where... I'm always running faster than I should too soon after a big race, then paying for it later on down the road... which happened this week, when I felt like doing a tempo run but was hurting later. After Outback, a vacation is due!

frolicking filly said...

Good luck david,, hope your back doesnt hurt to much!!

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Oh crap! Wish I could send Shannon to you, but then again, you'd probably end up faking it for the next few weeks just to keep her there. ;)

Hope that back heals up quick. Heat and ice, heat and ice.