State of the Running Address

Oops. I forgot my script. Let me jog on back to the White House and figure out why I didn't run today.
Let's see. I was up too early driving the young 'un to weight training and, uh, it was drizzly cool and yucky when I got home, plus dinner was on the table. Yeah; that's it.
Time to re-program the race plan.
I'll sleep on it. Good night.


Rachel said...

Another drizzly day... hope you get a chance to run today... I've gone with the Winter Park Sunday morning group once or twice through the Vias, but I don't know the route well enough to do it on my own. I like Cady Way, or running around Rollins, but was kind of shocked to hear on News 13 this morning that there was a kidnapping attempt close to Cady... that is unsettling...

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Isn't it hard to leave the house and go run in the drizzle when there's yummy food sitting on the table? Makes leaving the house seem so much more unappealing.