Piling on Permitted

Lazy. I woke up at 800 this morning with a dog licking my face. He and his friends finally left the room at 830 and I slept until 1100. I haven't done that since forever. Wow. What a treat. I actually slept solidly all night and on my shoulders which do not hurt as much today (certainly not from having done any rehab).
When I got up I had visions of some oatmeal and a run about an hour later. Well I got to sitting out on the deck reading the paper with the sun out. So I took off my shirt and began the 2005 tan. It was glorious. Okay to pile on, you poor folks up north.
Run. It took me a long time to go run. I went at 200 and it was like I was running in mud. I went for 6 miles and had to stop a few times to get my heart rate back down. The heat had an effect I presume. At the third mile I felt best (as I usually do) and burned up my strength too soon. I decide the lack of real food was my excuse. The oatmeal was fine but that's all I'd had since dinner the night before. I ran an hour. Cleared my head of some disturbed thoughts.
Sunning. When I got home I grabbed some water, zapped a hotdog and a beer and sat back out in the sun to read the paper. That was just fine by me. Caught the last 90 minutes of sunshine and it made me feel great.
Bed. To complete my day (600) I got back in bed and watched some mighty fine chick flicks that seem to be on special this weekend before Valentines Day. Nothing like a little more pressure, not that I am too concerned. Ooh; wait a minute. Yes I am concerned. Dang. Never mind.
Okay; time for the Grammy's. Night all.


beverly said...

Sunning? Sunning? At this moment, I'm looking up the definition in the Canuck Dictionary ... nope, not here! :)

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Sun? We don't do that here.

faye said...

I'm not sure where you live, but there is not sun here. You're killing me, I'm soooo jealous!!! Faye