Sunset Run

Monday morning turned out to be a morning for oversleeping. Faced with putting myself off schedule for my run up to Saturday I resolved to leave work before dark so I could run in the sunset and twilight. Plus it was likely to be warmer.
It all came true except for a hefty wind to accompany the dropping temperatures but it allowed for a peppy run through Baldwin Park. Unlike the morning there were far more people to pass and see including one former pro baseball player who is now a local banker. I think I have his autograph on a ball from 1982 actually.
Well my time was fine and nothing hurt afterwards so I consider it a successful venture. My other motivation was to finish the month with a high mile count. In my last three years of training - and probably the several before that - I had only surpassed 60 miles in a month eight times. January 2005 became the 9th and the 3rd highest overall. And 35 miles would have been more typical in January because of work and my aversion to cold. So this is a good turn of events for me. I may have to buy new treads before the March shoe sale is my only concern.


Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Wow! That's alot of miles. I think I hit 60 miles in a month once. And that was really pushing the limit for me. We'll see when marathon training gets in full swing.

And definately get new shoes. Its your reward. :)

susie said...

I hope you had a jacket to keep you warm. I agree with Jon, you deserve those shoes! Great work on the miles, David.

Juris B said...


If you're in Florida, how can you possibly compain about the cold?

Try running a winter in Canada sometime.