Last Taper Run

I went out for an "easy" 4-miler as my last tune up before Saturday afternoon's 12K. So what did I do? I floored it. I came in about 15 seconds per mile faster than I wanted but I still felt okay. Now I'll lay off until the race.
My previous afternoon long-eys (to approximate race conditions) found me dragging (a) from the heat and (b) from worn out legs brought on by the day's chores and activities. Maybe I'll stay up really late on Friday and sleep in until noon. Yeah, that's the ticket: a late brunch, some ibuprofin and stretching before the race. Sounds like a plan. Chance of happening? Slim to none but we'll see how it goes. This race isn't so important for the time (it was Gasparilla's 15K in Tampa) as it is about the steak dinner afterwards. The forecast is high 60s with cloud cover. Not bad but still a sapping heat factor.
Gotta love Susan's pics from Californ-eye-ay. She's having some fun!


Brendan said...

Ah, good old Vitamin I. Christian in Colorado mentioned an article in Trail Runner that said people were using Ibuprofen as a performance-enhancing drug. I haven't seen the article yet.

susie said...

You are all set for your steak race! Enjoy every bite:) I AM enjoying this CA weather AND the water AND the boats. You know. I'll be home Saturday night to read your race report. Run well:)

Bex said...

Run fast! You'll do great on Saturday. We expect a full race report.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Steak! Gotta love it. :) Worchestershire, A-1, or naked?