Too Much of a Fun Thing

Running. Not. I skipped my scheduled run on Thursday and again this morning. What's my problem? Too much blogging and not enough time.
Tomorrow I promise you'll see a report from a long run. I registered myself on the Polar website so to track and record for cyber-posterity all my heartbeats. Now I have a reason to run so I can see how it works; how this lit up box of 0s and 1s reads data off this thing on my wrist. Fascinating. Who figured out how to make this stuff work anyway? Mark must be related.
Food. On the food intake front I have to report too many tempting sweets have been put before me. All the women in the office celebrate Valentines Day with cakes and pies and they did it Friday when my resistance was down (like it's ever up?).


Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Evil women.

I bring in chocolate to fight back. :)

susie said...

I suggest homemade coffee ice cream with toffee chips to round things out nicely:)

Rachel said...

It's hard this time of year to pass up the sweets... I'm going to take up your suggestion about the Outback race, and try to eat well until then, when I'll run the 12 K and then indulge in steak to my heart's content... But will there be bloomin' onions?