Is that how you spell it? That's what I am. At home I have two laptops and a PC. All three are non-functional. The HP laptop locked itself up Saturday morning because, I believe, I downloaded a Windows update a few days back that did not like my XP license. So while I can get into safe mode I cannot see any of my files. And since I back up my files only once every disaster (usually afterwards), I have lost all running records since early February.
Thank goodness for the blog to recover some events.
So today I ran 10 miles with Mary who ran Boston two weeks ago and our friend Jane. We ran fairly fast, all the while cussing the heat and deciding we need to start at 6:30 in the future. We did the 10 in 1:30:30.
Now I have a week of figuring out how to get these jokers running again or be the consummate American consumer and (a) put them in a closet or (b) throw them out and (c) go buy something brand new. What do you think?


Maddy said...

Great time on your 10 miler today! I remembered during the Winter Park Road Race just how nice it is to run through that area. I would suspect you take close to the same course.

Maybe you could sweet talk someone from your IT team at work (and offer them some money) to get all of your computers back in business.

21stCenturyMom said...

Good running - bad technology!

There have been a lot of problems with XP updates. If you have a legitimate license on that machine you should use either HP or MS tech support while you are at in your office so they can walk you through how to get your license key and get things running again.

If you are running bootleg software then I can't help you ;-)

Also - you should still be able to copy your files from the laptop to a jump drive in safe mode. Might be a really good idea.

21stCenturyMom said...

ps - your hotmail account sent a delivery failure notice on my comment.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Shame on you for downloading the "Windows Verification" update. Spyware from Microslut.

Seriously, that sucks, David. I wish I could get Linus running on one of my machines, then I would be Windows free.

Runner Susan said...


jeanne said...


but until you see the light, i'd take it to one of those "we can retrieve any data" places. Cuz you just know if you'd committed some horrible crime, the cops would confiscate those 'puters and SOMEHOW they would get all your info off of them. (All your running info. Not that you have any info the cops would want. As if.)

oh, and great 10 mile time!


Anonymous said...

I back up all my running logs on an external hard-drive. Storage is getting so cheap, why not?

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Just12Finish said...

***** Geek Squad *****

Bill said...

Ubuntu.com. They will send you an install CD.

jeanne said...

where IS you?!

Joe said...

What a pain!!! Hope you can bring the PCs back to life, David!!

Molly said...

ditto i know the feeling of having your technology crash on you..not a great feeling! I also know what it's like having to run in hot and humid weather! Rhode Island sounds nice right now!

CewTwo said...

The laptop is actually easily fixed if you have some savvy. You can find USB readers for laptop HDs. Mine cost me, like, $15 total. Then all you have to do is remove the laptop drive from the laptop and hook it in to the USB reader and save the files (it will appear to windows like an additional drive).

I like your blog and the fact that you are 55. I am glad that his similarly aged individual knows of someone with the same running interests. You do sound to be a bit faster than Iam , though.

I have to mention that although I have been running for 18 months, I will be running my first 5K race on Saturday morning. I ma so looking forward to it!

Great time on your 10 mile! I am jealous.