Georgia still on my mind

Monday, after the race we went to a Cajun restaurant where we inhaled some great breakfast. I had eggs benedict and three incredible beniets.

Then we drove down to CNN to take the tour which involved going down eight flights of stairs. Somebody else from the race was there too and she had issues with the stairs. I did not, surprisingly. The news production there is top notch and big time.

The biggest surprise was seeing Betsy in the lobby. Betsy is the HUMVEE that Charles Rodgers rode across the desert during the Iraq invasion in 2003 with the 3/7th Cavalry. Betsy was right there in the lobby with a video screen replaying reports by Rodgers sent back to the states in March and April of that year. When his voice came on the TV at any time of the day or night back then (we were always tuned to CNN) we were bolt upright and paying attention. Rodgers was with Apache troop of the 3/7 CAV and our son was in Crazy Horse troop, no less than a mile or two away. He kept us informed on the welfare of US forces and especially our #1 boy.

After CNN we drove to Kennesaw Mountain to take in the Civil War museum and sights. I tried to talk Mrs. T into hiking the 1-mile trail to the summit , 700 feet above the visitors center but she was not so inclined. Crazy me - I was willing though really not so able.

We toured the battlefield area and came to understand how Kennesaw Mtn. was one of the last successes for the South and probably the last stupid move by Gen. Sherman for the North. Everything got easy after Kennesaw as Atlanta fell soon thereafter.

Tuesday we drove home to Florida. It was a quiet drive. For all that I put up with in the race and afterwards, I was feeling fresh as a daisy by Wednesday morning with no soreness at all. I need to rememer how I did that next time around.

P.S. If you didn't see the pics of the Tibetan monks making their sand art, go back a few posts and see what I put up. Meditate on that, runnng people.


peter said...

Billy Sherman didn't make any stupid moves during his move south. He was moving deep into enemy territory, with a tenuous supply line, and he husbanded human life and safeguarded each of his three flying columns. He won the war. We should have such a great forward thinking peron now with what Dubya has gotten us into.

Neese said...

sounds like you trained smart and raced smart, welcome home!

Maddy said...

The CNN tour is great! And by Wednesday, no soreness! That is incredible!

Welcome back!

Joe said...

Yeah, copy off that training schedule and re-do it for the next big one!!! This kind of freshness is very encouraging!!

susie said...

So glad you are home safely...and feeling good. You will have stories to tell this summer :)

jeanne said...

sherman and the civil war and tibetan monks and beignets and CNN. AND one marathon! huzzah!

Amy said...

Wow...sounds like you've done more in your time in Atlanta, than I've done in my entire life...glad you guys enjoyed yourselves!

D said...

Just catching up. . . congrats on your recent marathon!