Flying time

I wonder where the week went.

I got up early every day (4:54 exactly, it seems). Tuesday I dressed to run and then sat at the laptop until it was too late to run.

Wednesday I passed on the laptop and headed straight for the door where I found the paper and had to read about how my day at work was going to be a tad more demanding. Gosh, I love the media. My run was shortened to an easy 4-miler. It was still a nice day.

The important thing is that somewhere back between now and then (last Sunday) I signed up for the New York Marathon lottery for which I expect Runner Susan will also enter, as she agreed. She still has time but she has to make the commitment. And when she does, we will only have about a 50% chance of making it legitimately. If that doesn't work I will work on plan B which is playing the "who do I know" game until we can run.

You know how I am slave to the numbers. Well I have run the 10-mile Sunday loop so often that I can now start tracking the top times for the distance. Why did I not sense that last Sunday was the best ever? What usually takes me 1:30-1:40 was done in 1:28. Wow.

I am busy now trying to decide when to come north to Rhode Island for vacation. I have contacted all my childhood buddies to canvas them for their time in our secret hideaway. One more response and I will be buying plane tickets. Come on Laura! I want to run to Misquamicut.


Jon (was) in Michigan said...

New York Marathon. I hope you both get in David. Sorry I won't be able to come see it. Big cities: not for me.

jeanne said...

wow!!! I just might have to make a trip north to see that! and if it doesn't work out, there's always the Cape Cod Marathon.

Nice work on the 10 miler. Is a 10 mile race in your future?

I have to go see what happened down there this week...and whether we reported it.

No need to thank me...

Runner Susan said...

Alright already . . . i'm in the lottery. Now work your magic Mr. PR.

21stCenturyMom said...

Misquamicut!! Going there was special when I was a youngster growing up in CT. Good times.

Neese said...

ahh NY is one I'd like to run, someday.

Just12Finish said...

I'm planning on joining the lottery too. Good luck to all of us.

Joe said...

Hope the school issues worked out OK, David. Can't be fun reading about the day ahead of you in the morning paper. Ugh.

Great 10 miler!!