Weird weather

Spring is always weird with the weather. Like those of you in New England don't know that right now. When I went to run this morning at 0700 it was hot and humid with a good breeze. I ran with Cherline, Chris, Dave and Bob for 10 miles and it was nasty. We were drenched when finished and remembering how it is here in June, July, August and September - HOTTER than blazes.

We got around the town in 1:37 which was eight minutes slower than last week. At the end of our run we heard from the twin running the Paris Marathon this morning. She said it was 86F at the start and hilly! We encouraged her to go have a good time. She stressed over lost luggage until last night. I cannot imagine a better place to have to go shopping for clothes when the airline loses your luggage, can you? Paris?!

Conservation. My car has a miles per gallon indicator. When I have it on I find I am much more conservative in the way I drive because I make it a mission to optimize my MPG. I roll towards yellow and red lights. I use cruise control all the time, even in city driving. I am amazed what a difference it makes to be conscious of such things.I guess we can apply that to a lot of things in our lives.

I made an executive decision about tomorrow. I am staying home. If the US GOV can give us an extra day (Tuesday) to submit our tax returns, damn it, I am taking full advantage. I owe again, but less than last year.


Neese said...

lol i wonder if she bought designer clothes off the runway! -- Enjoy your day off!

Maddy said...

The weather yesterday was just crazy!

You made good time for 10 miles.

Today was a perfect day for a day off!

Runner Susan said...

I owed too. I think the government might buy a small country with the money I sent them.

Anonymous said...
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Rae said...

OMG. I am so sick of that guy and his ipod shorts spam! He is everywhere!!!!!

jeanne said...

(ditto rae!)

a man with a mpg indicator in his car? Who actually uses it?!?!?! I think i'm in LOVE! (no worries mrs. t., it's platonic.)

you have a twin? what twin? what have I missed? yes, paris is the best to lose your luggage. not that i'd know... did you know i have a concussion?!?!? i am not responsible for anything i say here.

21stCenturyMom said...

I specifically ordered ipod pants guy to stop spamming my blog so he sent me an email asking me to review his shorts. HA!