One more chiller

With apologies to all of you north of me longing for steady spring weather, I am looking forward to tomorrow's Sunday run in the cool temps. This will probably be the last cold snap down here, with ideal conditions for running - somewhere in the low 50s. From here on until Christmas it will be somewhere between par-boil and deep fry, with a little hurricane whipped wind to boot.

Thursday I undertook a 5-mile recovery run, still trying to restrain myself from reloading with a heavy training regimen and fast times. I started slowly and worked up to a comfortable pace. After awhile I thought I might be cruising at marathon pace. Then it felt faster and I could sense my stride and tempo rising. I had plenty of endurance for the distance and I finished in just over 44:00. That turned out to be a top 10 time and I declared myself fit and ready to go longer Easter morning, start speedwork again on Tuesday and concentrate on that speed in advance of the 5K on the 19th.

Someone wanted to know why the upcoming race starts at 6:45 p.m. on a Thursday? (1) It's a corporate run and (2) we do not want to miss too much of happy hour.


Joe said...

Apology accepted, on behalf of all Northerners in the US. 28 degrees with 20mph wind out of the NW for my run this morning. Glad you had 50s...enjoy it!!

So cool your legs are coming back so quickly. Your training was highly effective.

Just12Finish said...

OK - don't forget to train for the happy hour too.

susie said...

I am grumpy again these days with my winter coat back on!!