An unusual 13th on Friday

I ran like a rocket this morning. The eye is whitening back up so I went to the track. I had juice to spare.

400m 1:38.53 3rd best time ever
400m 1:38.23 2nd best time ever
400m 1:38:28 new3rd best time ever
800m 3:40 and 3:44
400m 1:42 and 1:40
200m 0:45.14 Personal Record best time ever
200m 0:46.97

Then I went to work and had to do the most uncomfortable personnel task there is. I am rebuilding my team and need some new hands. The process begins.

I think the work had me stressing earlier in the week and just caused me to pop an eyeball.

Good luck to any readers going to Boston. Pack your snow shovel. My condolences.


Anonymous said...
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21stCenturyMom said...

First of all, please delete Tim's post. He did that on my blog, too and I deleted the comment and sent him an email asking him to quit spamming up my blog. Tim - use GoogleAds, please.

As for the eye - ow. Stress? Maybe. Hope so. Ow.

Nice runs, though. It's like you didn't just run a marathon at all!

Darrell said...

Dang! Those are some great speed work times, impressive. Your 5K should go quite well.

susie said...

Hey speedo...don't let the stress get to you. RI was beautiful, despite the cold and rain. Parents seem to be holding their own.

Joe said...

Wow, what a day. Awesome splits...agonizing personell stuff.

Do your best to get the right people "on the bus" as Jim Collins puts it.

Wasn't it in Boston where they said "Don't fire till you see the whites of their eyes."??? Odd connection, if so...your eye, big event in Boston...oh well!!

afuntanilla said...

you're smokin! good job!

Runner Susan said...

Those are some mighty fast splits David. Keep it up.

I don't envy your personnel situation at all, just try really hard not to cry or you might pop that other eyeball.

jeanne said...

david you are burning up the pavement! one day, when i grow up, i hope to be like you too.

hiring is as stressful as firing. it's all rather miserable, isn't it.

boston=fun fun fun. come next time.

Just12Finish said...

As you may know, I started trying to do some track work a few weeks ago. Those things are a LOT harder than they look on paper. Kudos to you.