Better when it's over

I lollygagged around the house this morning avoiding my run like a college student with a philosophy paper due (true me, circa 1972). I stayed up late last night and slept in this morning. I ate a proper breakfast and walked the dogs to warm up. It was chilly so I goofed off back at the house when a "live" U2 concert from Italy was on the TV. All I Want is You and With and Without You, among other great tunes, had me mesmerized until 1130.

Then I went to the track for a 3x1600. It was still chilly and very windy. Spits of rain were coming out of the overcast skies.

I went 7:37, 7:46 and 7:56. It was definitely better when it was over. I did not enjoy it today. It wasn't like I overate yesterday or drank too much but I surely had a Santa hangover.

Speaking of Santa. I obsess over numbers. No. That's not exactly true. I respect them. I don't let too many of them get to me. Well Santa knew how much I like numbers so he brought me a Body Composition Monitor that measures my weight, body fat, water composition, bone mass, metabolic age and number of calories I can consume in the next 24 hours to keep the same weight.

After my run today I got on the thing and it told me I can consume 3900 calories to stay at my weight tomorrow; and that my metabolic age is 12. I'll try to diminish your urge to leave a derogatory comment by not sharing the other numbers.

So what did Santa bring you?

P.S. If you're looking for a 930 page tome on the Lore of Running I just finished reading it (got it yesterday) and it should be on eBay really soon. Well, I may browse through it a little longer to refresh my first read.

A few pics from Christmas...


Just12Finish said...

7:37 is pretty fast for an old guy like you. Sorry, I still gots the urge ... ;)

David said...

yeah; the 7:37 turns out it was a PR for the distance.

Rae said...

What a great looking Christmas!!! Was that Mrs T??? I don't think we've gotten to see her before!!!

So was your dog's LP aggravated by one incident or gradually developed over time??? Pippin is just so scared to even try to put his foot down. It's just all very scary for us.

Susan said...

well well well, looks like santa was good to everyone this year. surely if he can get you a 7:37 he can find one for me somewhere?

21st Century Mom said...

psst- your boys are smoking!

Clearly you don't smoke or that 7:37 would surly be a fish tale.

Happy Holidays and thanks for sharing.

jeanne said...

well, we still haven't really seen mrs. t, have we? just what she got for christmas!

and no one else has taken the bait, so i guess it's my turn: are you sure that 12 isn't measuring something else...mental age perhaps?

i crack myself up.

Annqbtg said...

yeah; the 7:37 turns out it was a PR for the distance.