Holiday lull

Everybody where I work is taking off this week because schools are out. It is a good thing to do. I, on the other hand, have enjoyed going to work and cleaning out my inbox, tossing piles of crap that has been sitting there for months waiting to be tossed, and mapping out things to do when they all come back.

On top of all that quiet at the office I have managed, for the first time in my life, to secure all the gifts I want to give people for Christmas - a week before December 25. That's unheard of. What I like best about it is the incredible vacuum of stress on my brain to think of something to buy that special someone, finding out where it is available, whether it is in stock and when I can get out to buy it. Phew.

Yesterday was Week 3 Repeats Day. I had six 800s to drop on the track. After the extra mileage on Sunday and cutting down a god forsaken bouganvilla bush on Monday afternoon I was stiff and slow to warm up.

I managed to go 3:49, 3:44, 3:46, 3:49, 3:47 and 3:47. I liked the consistency. The 3:44 was a PR and the 3:46 was a top 3 time. In fact, I've never before been able to do more than two sub 3:50s in a repeat set.

Proof positive that being overweight can make you faster.

I went and saw Casino Royale again with son T., one of his Navy buddies who loves weapons and Mrs. T. who doesn't. Everybody thought it was excellent. I appreciated the second showing so I could connect all the dots that did not reveal themselves so easily in the first viewing.

Glory be to the warm weather we're having here in Florida. Lows in the high 50s. High around 80. It's great but there's a front coming directly from Dallas which I blame on Runner Susan.


Susan said...

It must be my lucky day . . . 3 links in 2 posts! You knew just what to get me for Christmas.

How can someone love weapons? My brain needs to churn this for a while.

Just12Finish said...

Wow, makes me want to go out and do some speedwork too ... starting next month.

susie said...

You need to send some speed my way. My legs haven't wanted to work too well the past two days. Glad you are getting some well deserved time to relax. Enjoy.

Fe-lady said...

Heh- I liked your comment on Bold's site about living in "Spec. Ed." city...and I thought I did!
Great splits BTW!

Mia Goddess said...

Proof positive that being overweight can make you faster.

Than I should be smokin' by now!

Isn't it weird, but I have a couple of weeks off coming up, and one of the things I am looking forward to is actually *getting some work done* without interruption. Pitiful!

jeanne said...

well, i should be in the olympics then!

what plan are you following btw? I have no plan. I am plan-less. Except for running 3 miles 2x week, and lots of crosstraining. I need a better plan!

Congrats on the PR!