Heavy traffic

There sure were a lot of runners out this morning. You'd think there was a race coming up soon. Let's see here .... oh yeah - Disney! Lots of folks were out on their last long run before the taper madness sets in.

Meanwhile those of us with no plans to run Disney and pretty sure plans about running in the spring showed up at 700 for the Sunday "service"/run. It was only Chris, Marty, Jack and me.

Jack only went four miles before turning home. Marty went six. Chris and I pressed on at a "good pace" according to him. I was just grooving along feeling good. When we got back to Park Avenue there were lots of early risers/shoppers as well as the beautiful people having breakfast on the sidewalks reading their New York Times.

I accompanied Chris running home so I could add an extra four miles to my morning. I added it up: 14.1 miles in 2:12. That was a good pace (9:22) and it didn't faze me at all. I feel excellent.

I intend to add 10% to the length of my long run each week so I can add more aggregate miles and peak higher than the First Plan prescribes. I am on a mission to do well in Atlanta, meaning better than Miami and DC.

I went to the running store the other day for Cliff Blocks (I am a convert from Gu, I think) and browsed through a runner book. It had those conversion tables in the back that tell you what time you should be able to run, given a certain time at one distance. Well, my 5K, 10K and half times all fell in synch. The mary time is so off, it's embarrassing, which is why I am on a mission.

Things to celebrate:
  • the return of daylight and we emerge from the winter solstice.
  • Santa's visit tonight
  • Christmas carols at church
  • A week off
  • both boys home (even if their "party time" is more like Pacific time)


Susan said...

Yay for daylight and 14 miles, yay for family, yay for vacation, yay for margaritas and for most sure YAY for Santa!

Santas been drinking.

21st Century Mom said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

I also am so excited about the days getting longer - I'm not a winter darkness person at all.

Santa came by and did an outstanding job at my house. I hope you are having as great a day as are we.

Rae said...

Merry Christmas!! Hope you're having a great one in FL!

april anne said...

Merry Christmas to you!

Just12Finish said...

Nice to see you're that "religous" about running :)