Balmy seven

Thursday morning dawned and it was after 600. With seven miles to run before work I was glad it was the slow week before Christmas.

I went out in the balmy weather and took it easy going around the lake. I was unexpectedly stiff in my back again, as if I'd been booking too many miles. Over the last two miles I found rhythm and pace.

My work week ended nicely. I got my emails down to 20 in the inbox, ticked off a lot of folks who will find requests and assignments when they come back from winter break, finished some tardy assignments of my own, threw away lots of junk mail and visited one of my employees at home who is out indefinitely as she fights lung cancer. Her spirits were good and she looked good too.

Sonny boy #1 repo-ed his car this week so I took the bus and bummed rides home. Today my good friend K. left town for a week and asked me if I'd watch her cat. I asked her if I could borrow her car.

We have a deal and I have wheels.


Rae said...

Sounds like a good deal to me!

Happy Holidays!

Just12Finish said...

Don't forget the cat while you're cruising around ... what? yeah, that cat.

susie said...

Merry Christmas, David.

Susan said...

Have a wonderful Christmas David. Take the cat for a ride in the car and let me know how it goes.