Training Plan Exhibit A

I ran about three miles this morning and it was about all I could do. To think jeff used to tease me about my indifference to a measley 3-miler. It was all the training plan asked for, so in my current state of undeveloped stamina and strength, I am following the Galloway training plan for 4 hour marathoners available on the MCM site. If it seems too "walky" I'll dump it for something else. I still have time.
One thing that is different for me is that I know how to train. The last time I was in this (lack of) condition I did not know enough about ebb and flow, stretching, variated paces, etc. It's like a new way of running. I have no injuries or anything to slow me down; just benign neglect to overcome and that will happen.


21st Century Mom said...

Benign neglect = sick as a dog for 2 months.

I guess you haven't learned the one about not beating yourself up, yet :-) You have much to learn, grasshoppah.

susie said...

If I know anything about you, and I do, you will be back to your old self in no time. But the time will pass quickly. Wow, does it pass quickly. I'm looking forward to seeing how you do with Galloway.

Susan said...

Galloway has been good to me . . . try galloway for the first few miles and then pick up running at the end - I do that a lot.

jeanne said...

interesting...i signed up for a training plan on the MCM site too...but they only went to a 4:40 finish, and then the next choice was just "Finish." I guess there's no legit times in between 4:40 and 4ever. So I signed up for the "to finish" plan, and so far it sucks. Maybe I should sign up for the 4:40 plan, just to make myself laugh.