Clearing the pad but not reaching clouds

I have been waking up at O-dark-hundred most mornings; and if I went to bed by the time I want (before 10), then I'd be getting by on just about seven hours sleep. That's not really enough. At 500 I either run or roll over and worry about work stuff, then get up and read the paper to see what the paper says about work. I need a vacation in a bad way. I have not touched a beach since last September; and I live in Florida.
Tomorrow. Tomorrow I am going to the beach and I will dive into a book or the AM radiocast of a baseball game. Now that's something I can use.
When I run at 500 it takes a long time before I put one fast foot in front of another. I start by staggering to the bathroom, then dress, sip a tall glass of water while checking baseball scores, bring in the paper, glance at the headlines, then commit to the outdoors. It takes 45-60 minutes.
Saturday I ran as scheduled. I was supposed to go five miles. Slow and easy. I went medium and medium. At mile four I was out of gas. I am such a lightweight. I could not believe it. I walked it in.
Today I attempted my first back-to-back consecutive day workout in several months. It was not on my training schedule but pal Chris said I should try two-a-day workouts to build my strength back up. I thought I would attempt a B2B first.
I headed up to Park Avenue to fall in with my Sunday morning pack. We went slow and easy. My legs were telling me I was not fully recovered from yesterday's short four but I felt compelled to finish my fiver and do some more. I was hoping I could go six. At three miles, in thick humidity and low 70F temps, I was running on fumes. I parted ways with the team and headed the short route back to the car, walking some and jogging the last mile to finish.
Needless to say, I am a long way from ready to race anything. I know there will be a breakthrough somewhere but that mysterious veil is still all around me. Maybe I should hop over to the Middle East. They could at least tell me what my veil signifies. Or I could sniff out insurgents for the Army.
I am not a pleasant camper.
Meanwhile, back on the happy side of the face, older son T is home from USMA and we're having a burgers and beer fest tonight for any of his buds who are home and want to come over. To defend the castle (and afford everyone who asks about him all the time a chance to see him) I invited all my adult friends and neighbors. Most are at the beach but some will be here, with enthusiasm.
I should be at the beach.
Uniform of the day is bathing suit casual.
That is all.

No, that is not all: Someone please confirm they have received their June subscription issue of Runner's World. Mine never showed up.

That's enough. Later.


21st Century Mom said...

I don't subscribe to Runner's World so no help there but I think you need to take it easy on yourself. Not only are you out of condition but there's a good chance that your lungs aren't quite up to par yet, either.As I learned yesterday, slow and steady really can win with race.

Enjoy your BBQ! The training will get easier - it always does.

jeanne said...

One foot in front of the other. You've got a long running career in front of you. And please don't tell you me you are running with no FUEL in your body--?? I get up early enough to get a small bowl of oatmeal in me (at least 1 hour before). You're runnin' on water! (ha that sounds funny!) have fun with the cookout. You'll be racing again in no time.

Joe said...

David, greet son T for me. Heading for his Junior year now, right? As I recall, this is a major training summer for cadets...where is he going? Hooahh.

Be patient. The legs will return.

Just12Finish said...

June RW came about 2 weeks ago, maybe 3.

Rae said...

My June came a few weeks ago, I seem to get my later than most of the northeast bloggers. My July will probably arrive around June 5th or so.

Susan said...

Take those workouts easy for a while - I'm certain beer & burgers will help with the healing.