After Tuesday's massage I was tender on Wednesday. I ran a slow three miles. That was a good thing.
Thursday I went back out and ran 8.6 miles in the early morning darkness turning to light. It took me exactly 1:19.59 (corrected). I went at a race pace of 9:20 or so throughout and felt looser as the run went on.
I looked forward to today: Friday. Weekend. No scheduled run. Sleep in. Yeah, well s--- happens. The teenager went to see the Harry Potter movie last night at midnight. He announced his return at 2:37 a.m. I know that to be exact because it's what I saw when my eyes opened to start my day. I didn't get back to sleep. Work was work.
I had plans to go to the big basketball game tonight, talk to some RBFers on the phone who were having a drink somewhere, etc. Well I was recruited to help a kindly neighbor lady unload a 500 pound (not really) TV from her car. It fell but was not damaged. She can get some brute strength guys tomorrow to pick it up and put it where she wants it. Now my back hurts.
A VIP I need to take care of called me to see if I can score her a pair of sideline tickets to tomorrow afternoon's sold out football game. I had just given my last two away yesterday!
There's another friggin' tropical storm heading our way (wake up Oldman!) which could be on us by Monday afternoon so the weekend could be consumed with developing and putting out communications to all the parents, media and staff about school on Monday.
I have no Thanksgiving plans.
It's supposed to rain this weekend and I really don't look forward to a 15 mile long run in the rain - or at least I don't think I do. Blisters, bleeding, soggy socks, damp through and through - yuk.

Have I complained enough yet?

No I don't feel better. Maybe I'll go to sleep now and dream of someplace far far away that is quiet, peaceful and warm; a place with my favorite people and fondest memories. Where the coffee is strong, the air clear and the water lively.


susie said...

You might try answering your phone:)

Susan said...

Floral and fruity – Perhaps? Sweetie – Definitely!

Maybe T-Day plans should involve David going to that “someplace” where he work on balancing that acidity a little.

Running Chick said...

Yeah. Because we *did* call. Jeesh. The nerve. Off helping people, or whatever.