Training Detour

My 10K race is Sunday morning which did not synch with my training plan. The plan figured for a Saturday race and a long run Sunday. So I had to make decisions. The city's Veterans Day Parade was downtown at 1000 this morning. After Friday's fill of vet events I decided a little more wouldn't hurt, so I ran down to the parade route, 4.65 miles from the house. Then when it was over I ran home for 9.3 total miles at an 8:47 pace.
The crowd was thinner than I expected. The parade took two hours and I didn't get bored. I spent most of the time chatting with a TV reporter who usually hounds me for stories I'd rather not give up at work. Since we had so much time while her cameraman shot footage we got to know each other. My previous impression of her changed quite a bit after she gave me insight into her background. I guess it's just the stupidity of the TV news focus that made her seem less than she really is.
Oh well.
Tomorrow is race day. Rumor is that a lot of runners do the 10K then jump in and do the 5K right afterwards. I might try that and do the double.


Michigan Jack said...

David - Good luck today.

Susan said...

I'm sure the retail therapy is helping your times. Did you do the 10 & 5k?

Jank said...

Great run. And I've got to know how the race double went!