Full Moon Fever

A Grove Dock Kind of Night.
I ran nine miles this morning. On a Tuesday. Before work. That amazes me. That's 27.6 miles over four days. That's not so amazing when I realize I'll have to go almost that far in about four hours time, 2.5 months from now.
When I read about Susie's hips hurting I thought to try loosening up my hips when I run - shaking a little booty actually. I'm not sure it was efficient or good for the hip muscles but my massage therapist told me a little variation would not hurt and could be good for stretching muscles in different directions. Sherlene also said Susie might benefit from a really good massage to get her tight muscles to release and relax. Personally, I am a believer. I used to swear by chiropractics but there is something much more satisfying about feeling the soreness snap, crackle and pop out of my muscles with the methodical work of expert hands; which compares much more favorably to the C-R-A-C-K of the chiropractor. Different sensations and both effective.
Running is the best thing I have going on these days. Work is never done. Home is work. I need a mental health day. Or a day of doing something for somebody else who has no expectations.


Susan said...

Yep, sounds like you need a David day. This morning was a full moon - it was nice.

Jank said...

Yeah, the 26.2 is a huge number, even if you're cranking out 6 or 7 milers regularly.

I'm working hard on the "before work" thing, too. Kind of feels like cheating to get to the office knowing that I've already carved an hour out of the day just for me.

susie said...

I'm sold. Tomorrow I will call for an appointment. After today's new exercises, I'll be needing a deep massage. The moon is beautiful here, too.

Mia Goddess said...

Please. You're just looking for an excuse to put a little funk in your junk during your runs!

Sarah said...

Sounds like your life is in the same place mine was...I think I've finally turned the corner (or at least I can see it ahead) and I'm finding peace and balance. I hope your running continues to give you so much satisfaction...you are definitely putting in the miles! I'm quite impressed :-)

Running Chick said...

Me: choir. You: preaching to it.

Me: rooting for you!