Retail Therapy

At Dr. Bex's direction I took yesterday off from running however I did not need any ice. At Susan's encouragement I pursued retail therapy. Ahhh; it does a body good.
I currently run in three pairs of shoes (no Jon, not at the same time): Saucony Hurricane 5s with 429 miles on them, Saucony Hurricane 6s with 380 miles and some Asic Kayano XIs with 200 miles.
Here's my new plan: The 5s are beat. They are why my joints hurt. I've dropped them from service. I'm taking the new approach of rotating the oldest pair up to a retirement mileage of 400 miles, the second oldest up to 300 miles and the youngest up to 150 miles. I'll try to hit those targets all at the same time so that it triggers "Retail Therapy" and I'll have some fresh tread to run on in my races.
Sadly, they didn't have the regular width Kayano XIs in my size yesterday so they're on back order for a week. I tried the Hurricane 7s but wasn't tempted. Other than the great heel support I didn't feel like the parts were all in the right place for my foot.
I told them about my hot spot burning sensation just below my right middle toes which I suspected was too tight a shoe and they said the same thing; so I tried on the wider version of the XIs and they were okay yet, without immediately comparing them to new regular widths, I decided to wait the week.
Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the comradery of the Track Shack and kibitzed with the owner and general manager about a dozen different things, looked at running kits and gave free advice to other customers. I left at closing time with two packs of Gu.

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