The quilt went on the bed two nights ago and I have had weird dreams both nights. I start out too hot and wake up chilled. Stupid weather.
Well, the cool morning air is a nice change although I foolishly wore a heavy cotton shirt (Lucy Vincent Beach, MV) to run 8.7 tempo miles this morning and I was drenched with the shirt pasted to my chilled chest by the time I got home. My pacing was good at 9:00 miles on the first two and last three. In between I ratcheted it up to 7:50/8:15 paces and felt extremely competent. I keep having these fits of wanting to run fast when I should be practicing/memorizing my race pace.
I have also succumbed to a variety of dark chocolate temptations. You know, the neighborhood kids came around weeks ago selling stuff for school and I, of course, ordered a few items that have been delivered in the last week. Plus all the gals at work have loaded up their desks with Halloween snacks. I am controlling myself as much as I can but I can only blame myself for buying the 55 gallon drum of chocolate covered raisins at Costco on Sunday. Some things I cannot resist.


Michelle said...

There is nothing like the candy that accumulates the week of Halloween. I didn't get a single trick or treater so not only do I have to eat the candy my daughter collected, I have to eat the candy I bought too!! Good thing I bought my favorite- Kit Kat! :)

Susan said...

ohh, i stopped thinking and started salivating at the dark chocolate part . . . 55 gallons? wow. That's a lot of raisins. I need to make a trip to costco, but I'd come back with 55 gallons of wine instead of chocolate.

Oldman said...

ahhhh those cold Florida nights... I use the quilt in the summer time for those cold nights from the ac. now that the ac is off after Wilma no more quilts..but maybe your colder up north?