Back to Running

Since the fun and games ended last week, running has resumed in healthy doses. Thursday I managed a 70 minute easy run in the morning at an 8:41 pace. I figured I covered 7.3 miles on a variation course - something I just pieced together out of a number of regular routes near the house.
Friday I slipped a birthday party in for an acquaintance who liked to serve single malt scotch. I couldn't resist a little of that to go with the Jimi Hendrix vinyl LP album he spun up on the Victrola (turntable for you young 'uns).
Saturday I woke up tired and stayed that way all day. The first order of business was the high school regional cross country meet at which the boys toiled fruitlessly to advance. They finished ninth and coach made them stand up front to watch the winners get their awards. After four years (back-to-back-to-back-to-back) of state championships, not getting to the state meet was a major letdown.
When we got home I laced up for a five mile tempo run in the 82 degree sunshine. 8:26 pace.
Still tired I went to the office for some leftover work then went to the stadium to watch a 6pm football game between UCF and Houston. I ran into my former compatriots who were kind enough to give me a skybox to sit in with a dinner, bottle of wine and assorted nuts and popcorn to tide me over. When I tired of the sterile luxury environs by halftime I went down to the seats in the stands to be with the people. Ah yes; I love that spilled beer smell. I left halfway through the fourth quarter to beat the traffic and get myself in bed by 1000. I pulled into the driveway just as the game was ending on the radio. Perfect timing.
I was asleep in 15 minutes.
Sunday morning was a moment in history. The first of several ahead of me. My training schedule wanted 14 miles. The most I had ever done before in one session was a half marathon so this was uncharted territory as will the next eight weeks or more as I ramp up the long runs.
I went to Park Avenue early to put in 3.1 by myself. I returned to Start just in time to join my running buds for their weekend run. Chris and I hung back with Jack and Marty for five miles or so then took off to work at my pace. We stopped for Gatorade at the cooler I stashed near my house. The run was effortless in the grand scheme of things. I put in 14.1 miles at a 9:35 pace which is a little slow but about what I expect for the marathon.
Monday - I sensed some swelling in my left foot where my laces tie. I suspect they may have been too tight. Tonight it seems fine. Tomorrow is a 60 minute run with some 5K pacing in there with it. I'd do well to go to bed about now.
See you good folks later.


Jack said...

I have also experienced swelling in my feet when my shoe laces are too tight on the longer runs. I generally stop along the way and adjust the laces if I feel any tightness.

Oldman said...

single malt scotch huh perhaps that's why you're tired? it affects me that way.
sounds like you had a fun weekend.

Susan said...

good luck on the 60 min run.

Lara said...

Maybe you need some support hose for that swelling. :)

Glad your 14+ miler went well, maybe single malt gives you wings!

susie said...

Congratulations on your first "moment" with many more to come. I hope they all fall into place like this 14-miler. And look at your long hair in the picture!

jeanne said...

Nice pace for 14 miles!!

And, I think that coach was mean to do that to the boys. They felt bad enough.