Turkey's soaring

I woke up with an attitude that it was not cold outside. It was 45F which is cold for us flatlander thinblooders. The sun was coming up and I had a race to run.

I put the top down on the A4 and toodled on down the empty byways of Orlando to Lake Eola with Coldplay rising up from the speakers. I parked at a middle school track and felt indominatable. There's no explanation why. I just felt that way.

I strolled down to the party/start area and picked up my number and looked around. The Turkey Trot is a running family reunion. I had 45 minutes of mixing and mingling before the start. Over 4,400 runners/walkers were registered to benefit Seniors First, an organization I will have to join soon, based on the perks they say they get.

With ten minutes until the gobble (no gun) I worked my way close to the front. This being my fourth of these "trots" I knew too many people took the trot part seriously. I wanted some open road.

I enjoyed the run. The finish couldn't come fast enough but I kept pushing. I was loose from a thorough massage by Julie the night before and I concentrated on elongating an easy stride and keeping shoulders relaxed.

The usual back-of-the-pack-starting youngsters flew by me all through the second and third miles, they being the former high school CC or track stars back for the holiday break. There were four people at the start I wanted to beat and I took out three of them. A gal in a NYC 07 marathon shirt beat me by a good 20 seconds.

My time was 24:43, second best of my trot runs and 10th best of my 41 5K races so, despite my increasing seniority, I still have some speed working despite being a lazy butt all last week. I drove home thinking about some more running today but the dogs needed a walk.

Happy Thanksgiving RBF and friends.


Anonymous said...

Well, the darling Bernadette and I arrived late for the start of the main Trot, but we saw the finish. Ten minutes before the start of the Kids Trot( 400 meters we're told)we checked out the port-o-potties, and then did a little warm-up jog to loosen up.

The kiddie starting line-up is every bit as aggressive as the grown-ups, lots of jockying to and fro! Then they were off in a flash (I still can't get over how fast these little ones are) and soon who should I see rounding the turn-around pylon in the number 3 spot but the darling Bernadette.

On the home stretch she ran out of gas with 100 yards to go, but then dug deep and got another burst of speed and finished 7th or 8th and beat all but 2 other girls who passed her when she flamed out.

Not bad for virtually zero training. Next year is her first CC opportunity. It's fun to see my kid running better than I do.


Joe said...

Nice run. Good job braving the frigid temperatures and bone-chilling pavement. Yeah, those senior "perks" do start to sound useful at times.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Darrell said...

Pretty cool to be driving with the top down on a chilly morning.

Days when you feel indominatble are truly days to be thankful for.

jeanne said...

yay PR!! i'm all for super seniors or whatever it's called. Let's join now!

Runner Susan said...

Excellent Trot time. Was that before or after turkey?

robtherunner said...

Nice 5k time! It would be interesting to age grade your 5k times and see the true progress or maintenance. I bet you're progressing.