Running on Empty. Empty on running.

If this were just a blog about my running, there would be no post to post. I haven't run since Sunday.
Monday I felt sick midday and went to bed early.
Tuesday I skipped to be sure I wasn't going to be sick.
Wednesday I felt fine but it was too damn cold out all of a sudden.
Thursday it was still cold and I was tired.
This morning I overslept until 8 a.m.
Maybe this weekend.
Tomorrow is the high school state cross country championships. I may catch a ride to that at 6:30 which will pre-empt running again.

Did I mention I am planning to Fly the Pig in Cincinnati this May?


21stCenturyMom said...

Sounds like your body has put you into forced recovery. You'll get sick of that and be back on the run in no time.

Runner Susan said...

you did not mention that. and why not?

Ted said...

Heard Fly the Pig on Cincy is awesome !!! GO FOR IT !!!

Just12Finish said...

I'm running in your dust. First I have to do NYC and Chicago b4 I can start thinking about the Pig.

SCMorgan said...

You're sounding like me...get on out there.

Joe said...

THE PIG!!! Hey, it is already on my calendar too!!! I'm running the full marathon. I've heard it is a good race...with hills but mostly early.

Cool!! Hope we can workout a meet up in Cincy!!! We've got time to plan it!!

I'm penciling in my 2009 plan but I want to get 2008 done before going public with it. Yet, this news warrants a shout out!

jeanne said...

no, no you're sounding like ME. it's nice to see even the MIGHTY have off weeks. :)

peter said...

I loved that race! You can put lipstick on a pig...