State CC Championships

The Winter Park teams did well today. The Lady Wildcats had hopes of pulling off the sneaky upset to win States but finished second by six points to Bertram Trail HS in Jacksonville. They'll be back strong next year despite this morning's post-race tears.

The guys came in as underdogs, barely making States with a sixth place finish in regionals. In States they ran well and finished sixth, a huge surprise. Best of all they beat all the usual rival high schools from Central Florida to ward off the off-season razzing.

Oh and yes, I failed to run again. I will actually show up tomorrow looking to hear all about New York from Christy and only hope I can stay with her for a mile and get the low down.

Pigs. The Flying Pig came about because, last weekend, Mrs. T was minding the museum table at the Farmers Market when a former classmate pal and her hubby stopped by. They live in Cincy and were in town for who knows what. He runs the zoo up there. They offered to put us up in May if we came to run the race. Mrs. T booked this one. I just have to get ready for the hills.


Runner Susan said...

Now you've got me thinking . . . could I? should I? hmmmmm . . .

peter said...

Hills, well, yah! But they're good hills, the big one early (10K mark) that leads to a spectacular view (the reward) and then just little rollers. You know, thirty yards up, down, 20 yards up, down, thirty yards up, down, straight, repeat. All the way in.