Dedicated run

This morning's run was dedicated to TS who was a recent site visitor. I assumed parts of TS's name as an online alias recently while channeling a nostalgic recollection of the fine gray line.

I was greeted with, "There's AWOL," this morning. Thanks Jack. I missed you too.

The Orlando Runners Club Sunday bunch was huge today. Chris was trying to pad the numbers but it was a legitimate dozen. I expected as much on the Sunday before the OUC Half Marathon. Many in the group are already signed up or primed to do so.

A fast bunch featuring Ed, Jurgen, Chris, Lytle and another fellow (maybe another?) made quick work of the first four miles. I only stayed with them for two miles. My legs were very tired from a hard three mile pace run yesterday and the bi-annual pressure cleaning of the house. There's no shortage of washers to rent the afternoon of the Florida-Florida State game, by the way.

For miles 3 and 4 I ran with John L. who I had seen at the Turkey Trot on Thursday. He's still training hard for Disney and may do the OUC next week.

From the 4-mile water stop I paused to turn off my watch pace alert. That put me behind the group and in chase mode. I ran on my own until the Glenridge stop, shared some Zippfizz with John who was waiting with Ed and Jurgen. I resumed quickly with John and Jurgen as we tried to run down Ed who kept looking back for us.

By the time we reached Virginia Heights Jurgen had caught and passed Ed while John and I were on his heels. By the time we reached Rollins, Ed cranked it up and made short work of our effort to reel him in. John and I labored for an extra two miles to put twelve in the book.

Recapping. I finally completed a full week's training mileage for the first time since before Chicago. I also topped my previous annual mileage mark of 1,203 miles today (set last year). Plus I've got a whole month of running left to add to it.

Using Runner Rob's suggestion to age adjust my Turkey Trot time, it improved from 10th to 7th on my career list. Love that converter.


Joe said...

You guys sure have fun each week!! Glad you're back on the wagon!!

Darrell said...

Its great to see the whole gang together. After Memphis I've got to get back out with the Cruisers on a Saturday morning.

A full week's trainig, heh? It's about time! LOL!

Ted said...

I should have join the Orlando Running Club as a guest when I was staying at the Walt Disney World resort a couple month ago. Dang.. what was I thinking?

Rae said...

It's great that you guys have such a good group that runs together!! It's weird that you don't have a countdown to your next big race on the sidebar!