Genuine New York

It was genuinely chilly here this past week. I ran in the low 40s twice which was totally fine. Now we're back to the 70s but overcast.
Good luck to everyone running New York tomorrow, especially Christy.

I ran my 40th 5K this morning and finished just at 24:56, ranking 13th on my all time list. While that was cause for a genuine "eh" I looked up results on line to find I finished second in my age group. That's the first time I've ever placed third or better. Mind you, there were only 13 in my age group but, hey, everybody could have been there.

I think I have to go to the Track Shack to claim my prize. Bye.


SCMorgan said...

Well, there you go. Congratulations. Hope it was a good prize!

Darrell said...

Cool, I hope your prize is nice.

Joe said...

Enjoy the award!! Always depends on who else shows up, eh??

Runner Susan said...

I would love to run a sub 25 5k. Great job, David.

peter said...

AG placing is always fun!