Back on the wagon

Okay, I am supposed to be in training but it just isn't happening like it would if I was marathon training. Why am I more loyal to marathon training than shorter distance training? Why would I be sure to run more miles for a mary and skip or cut short runs for a half mary?


What is with this work? Very demanding lately. It is the season. Budget slashing in Florida is the new blood sport. If only there were more tax exemptions we could just close schools and all go home school.

So this is about running. I pulled off the easy 5-miler again on Tuesday, like last week; and skipped Wednesday's tempo run, like last week. But today!!! I did the 6x 400s that Runner Susan didn't. I was supposed to do nine but had to hurry to work. They dropped nicely from 1:50 to 1:43 over the course of the effort.

I'll go again tomorrow and Saturday. I am sure I can manage that, then see the Sunday bunch again on Sunday. Gosh, I missed 'em all last weekend. I look forward to Sunday - and maybe some cooler temps again. It's up in the 80s now but heading to low 50s by Monday.


Jank said...

Work blows. Busy blows.

I feel your pain, man.

Runner Susan said...

Hey Buddy, that was supposed to be 12 x 400s. Get your butt back on the track and don't come back until you are finished.

21stCenturyMom said...

Running a marathon is hard. Running a 10K is just running. So that's why it's hard to train for short distance. But as Susan noted - get back on that track and work those intervals!

I think budget cutting is the new blood sport nationally. Ugly times.

jeanne said...

what plan are you on? I'm on the jeanne-is-making-it-up-as-she-goes plan.

It's not really a good plan.