on the brink

I ran okay Thursday. I got out early enough. It wasn't too hot. I plotted what I thought was eight miles and got around in about 1:15. I found later it was just 7.5 miles and my time was slow so I chalked it up as an easy run instead of the tempo it should have been.

I did lots of yard work today. I can feel all kinds of aches and pains developing in familiar places. I am stiff and sore.

So to celebrate, I'll go out early tomorrow for my 17.


Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Good luck on that 17, David. I'll be thinking about you running in the heat while I run in the cold. Sorry we won't be seeing you in New Haven this year.

Anonymous said...

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Darrell said...

I hope the 17 went well. You still got the big miles yet to do.

Hopefully you can at least count on cooler weather at NYC.