Thoughts on a 17 mile 3:20 excursion

I am not as fast as I once was. Everybody else seems to be going much faster.

Running alone for 17 miles can be a revealing episode.

I calculated it costs me about $.25 per mile to run just to pay for my shoes.

Stretching is a good thing to take your time at after a run.

Walking might well be the only solution for my marathon condition. I walk very well.

I'll never run a fall marathon again as long as I live and train in Florida during the summer.

If I make it home by 10:15 I want to try and eat, shower, pack and turn myself around to be on the beach by 1:00.

Ibuprofin is a good thing. Keep it handy.

After the run. I made it to the beach by 12:45. I caught every light right. I had everything I needed to keep me occupied when I got there. Mrs. T was good to go and in synch with my plan. The line for subs at Publix was empty when we got to Titusville. The line at Canaveral seashore was empty. Everything worked out fine.

I sat on the beach for four hours and took a nap, took a swim and ate like there was no tomorrow. I drank a big beer and lots of water. Somehow it all worked out fine.

And tomorrow is another day ... off!


21stCenturyMom said...

You are starting to sound like you are suffering from over training. Maybe what you need to do is take a couple days off and recover. Just a thought. I know you took a day or 2 off because you were sick but that is not the same thing. You just need to let your muscles spend some quality time building a few more fibres and I swear your pace will recover. Maybe the heat will break, too.

21stCenturyMom said...

oops - missed that last sentence. So take 2 off - on me!

ShoreTurtle said...

The beach, nap, swim, food and beer sound perfect.

Maddy said...

The long runs can be hard by yourself. It makes you do all sorts of crazy things - like calculate the cost per mile for shoes.

The beach sounds wonderful and just what you needed.

I agree with 21st Century Mom - you might have the funk and need a few recovery days.

You'll snap back soon. I know it!

peter said...

17 is 17 no matter how you look at it. I recently did my 20 and actually stretched after it. It was like discovering nirvana, so you're onto something with post-stretching. My 20 cost me $5 is shoewear in addition to the race fee and gas to get there, hmmm. This is starting to add up. You made it to the beach after your long run with only the traffic lights holding you up. Must be nice training in FL in the summer!

Joe said...

Looks like you, Darrell and I were all quite reflective after out 17 milers this weekend.

The heat IS brutal and takes a toll. So you are wise to not discount it.

You got into the Atlantic after your 17 miler...Darrell got into the Pacific after his 17 miler...I mowed my lawn here in Indiana after my 17 miler...I think I have a problem :-)

17 is 17...good run and way to persevere.

Just12Finish said...

That sounds like a good plan. Glad the running is back to form.

Susan Carter said...

The beach. A good place to be. The place to work things out. Good for you, David.

Runner Susan said...

You are faster than me. Doesn't that count? Spend more time at the beach, that should help your speed.

jeanne said...

i like your plan! let's shake on it: no more fall marathons!
i'm following thru on my end of the bargain...

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Yeah but the fall marathon means you don't race in the heat, when the time really counts. Those long runs in the heat will make you amazing in the race, David. You'll see.

Be strong. Drink a beer at the beach. :)

Darrell said...

I like the way you think. Get the run done and spend the day at the beach (the lawn can wait for another day.)

Rae said...

Oh yeah, I have sworn off early fall marathons. It's just too stinking hot with all this global warming or whatever!! Great job with your run, not TOO much longer til the thon!